NIC布局年鑑 #1〜#113
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棋譜(全巻の2/3) :
定石(全巻の1/3) : 
NIC友の会 定期購読のお申し込みができます。

GM Fabiano Caruana
Kasimdzhanov out prepares Kramnik in th QGD
Grinding Giri in the Berlin
Bobby Fisher mirrored in the Reversed Grunfeld
Following Sveshnikov in the Anti-Sveshnikov

GM Teimour Radjabov

Stavanger hero Kajakin never yields in the Symmetrical English
Delay castling in the Taimanov Sicilian-but not against Caruana!
Grischuk’s countledd creative solutions in the Exchange Grunfeld
What’s so weird about Agdestein’s Steinitz French?
お馴染みのコーチ、GM Misha Pirc Defenceについて解説。

GM Anish Giri
Epic Marshall win sets Anand off on the road to Carlsen rematch

Mamedyarov’s brilliant reaction to Aronian’s Nimzo novelty
Motylev uses a flexible Leningrad Dutch in race for European title
Roel van Duijin on his ‘provo gambit’ 2.a3 vs the Sicilian

GM Baadur Jobava
Carlsen crushes Anand in a reversed Budapest Gambit
Meeting the Najdorf in the style of the Great attacker Gyula Sax
Ray Robson gambles and wins in a razor-sharp Marshall Slav
Joel Benjamin's take on the rapid repertoires of the greats
and dozens of other opening secrets and surprise weapons

GM Magnus Carlsen
Adams wins Dortmund with a Berlin
A Brilliant novelty by Vallejo in a Reversed English Defence
Morozevich's way to play 'normal' in the Steinitz French
A dazzling Reversed Sicilian Gambit by cup winner Viktor Laznicka等

GM Alexander Grischuk
Svidler vs Carlsen: who's the best d2-d3 player in the Ruy Lopez?
Topalov boomerangs Morozevich surprise in a madcap English line.
Baffle Rossolimo players with Jobava's brash 4...Bd6
Apply the Apple Gambit against the Slav 等

GM Vasily Ivanchuk
Giri plays the Grunfeld-never a bad position
Grandelius' bold insult to the Richter-Rauzer Sicilian
Is Dejan Antic' 13.Nf5 game over for the Classic King's Indian?
Why not try a Velimirovic Attack in the Pirc? 等

GM Viswanathan Anand
Carlsen's Ponziani experiment
Tough Topalov pressure in the Queen's Indian
A fresh Karpov novelty in the Evans Gambit
A chat with the inventor of the Kruppa Grunfeld 等

GM Vladimir Kramnik
Nakamura turns Reversed Dragon oldie into hot item
Korchnoi and Ivanchuk put the queen on a3 in the Grunfeld
Moskalenko breaks new ground in the Pirc and Modern
An epic victory for Sipke Ernst in the Botvinnik Slav等

GM Gelfand
Caruana shows class with a model Grunfeld win
Gajewski accelerates his Gambit against the Ruy Lopez
A successful 'mouse slip' by Giri in the Alapin Slav
Becoming a GM with 10...Na5 in the Dragon等

GM Hou Yifan
Aronian enjoys his own medicine in the Blackburne QGD
Bizarre queen move in the French soesn't worry Adams
Bruzon succeeds with the ultramodern 5...e5 in the English
Wenjun pioneers with an unthinkable castling move in the Najdorf i等

GM Peter Leko
Don't wave a red rag at Mamedyarov in the Slav
A preview of Sokolov's the Strategic Nimzo-Indian
Naiditsch fires a mighty weapon against the Reti等

GM Veselin Topalov
Grunfeld mix-uo puts Peter Svidler in the World Cup saddle
Grischuk's inspiration beats preparation in the French
Gelfand hands Anand a useful weapon in the Moscow Slav等

GM Garry Kasparov
Annand's annoying queen move in the Caro-Kann
Svidler's view on a cheeky Anti-Anti Grunfeld
Toparov takes charge in the Anti\Moscow Slav
Taimanov bomb by the Boys from Brazil

GM Levon Aroniani
Ivanchuk pours Nimzo-Indian wisdom
Nepomniachtchi outwits Svidler in a Scotch endgame
Nakamura probes the depth of the Botvinnik Slav
Andriasian loves the Grand Prix Attack等

GM Anish Giri
10.Na3 in the Catalen
Scotch and Pirc
Barcot’s King in the Slav
7…Nc6 in the Najdorf等


GM Alexey Shirov
Fianchetto Grunfeld,
Najdorf Sicilian,
Advance French等。


GM Dmitry Yakovenko

Svidler pulls new ideas from the Grunfeld
Inarkiev shows Accelerated Dragon

Dronavalli's clever way of dodging the Botvinnik Slav
Meier on the Rubinstein French

GM Alexander Grischuk

Nepomniachtchi's Crazy Caro-kann
Sokolov Catalanizes the Slav
Gelfand's deadly rook lift against an overrated Italian line
A weird King move and a hot Catalan update By Giri

GM Magunus Carlsen

Kramnik finds new paths in the Vienna Variation
Gelfand's Petoff is tough to win the World Cup
Another swashbuckling King's Indian by Nakamura

GM Nigel Short
Vachier-Largrave's wonderful Sicilian ideas
Nakamura goes crazy in the Classical King's Indian
A bust to Fischer's Bust to the King's Gambit
Hector turns the Slav around with a smashing nevelty

GM AlexanderMotylev

Trust Volokitin in the Evans Gambit
Vitiugov plays hard in the Reversed Dragon
Timman is up to scrach on the 8.Bc4 Najdorf
Nielsen flings Catalan novelty back

GM Fabio Caruana
Sergey Karjakin in the 6.Be3 Najdorf
Tiviakov's vindication of his Queen's Indian approach
Kamsky trounces Toparov in the Zaitsev
The Anti-Grunfeld 3.f3 exposed等

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